All About Our Club; BH&BC Breda

Hockey and Bandy Club (BH&BC) Breda has more than 1500 members. The club, which was founded in 1906, prides itself to be a true family club. Many generations have worn the attractive cobalt blue colour which is a synonym for BH&BC Breda. Those that had to leave for studies or jobs elsewhere, often return with families of their own. Breda brings together top, recreational, and student hockey plus offers training for little ones of just 6 years old all in one club promoting a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The BH & BC Breda sports complex is beautifully situated on the edge of the "Mastbos" forest, it features 4 astroturf fields of which 2 are water based, plus 1 semi water and a sand based field. Furthermore and especially for our younger members we also have an excellently situated mini field and Breda is the first and only club in the area with an interactive - with lights and sounds! - hockey pitch, named after Mark Lammers, a famous Dutch hockey player and coach.

At the center of the complex stands our clubhouse, open 7 days a week in season, welcoming our current and past players, their parents, grandparents and other family members as well as friends to share a drink, snack and a chat.

Our players wear the distinctive Breda sports outfit consisting of a cobalt blue shirt decorated with the club's logo, navy blue shorts or skirt and cobalt blue socks. The official Breda sports kit is available for purchase at Hockey Republic Breda, located at Raadhuisstraat nr. 10.

During 2016, the club celebrated its 110th anniversary and utilised this opportunity to create a special theme; "Our City, Our Club". Our members, current and past, enjoyed a fabulously fun filled year and joined in a multitude of events and activities for all ages. In honor of this very special anniversary, as one of the eldest hockey clubs in the Netherlands, we created a club movie which beautifully illustrates the "Breda feeling". If you want to know what this is, we recommend you watch the video included below.

This website serves to inform members, volunteers and visitors about our club's organisation, news and activities. Whilst the majority of our members are Dutch, the website features their mother tongue language. If you have questions and are not sure where to find the answers within this website, or you do not master the Dutch language, please do not hesitate to send a mail with your specific question to [email protected] and we will be pleased to help you.